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How Universem improved its project management

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3. How had this impacted the business? We are very satisfied with Odoo. It helps us with many aspects. Among them is three of them that I'm really thinking about. The first one is everything related to the fact that we have a growing number of prospects and, through Odoo, we can better manage them. The second thing is that we grow and now we have 16 people in the company and the module Project helps us to better com municate and to do projects on time and on budget with a really good quality. The third element I'm thinking about is the reporting. Through Odoo, we do really good reporting and it helps us to make better decisions. Watch the interview:    

1.       H ow  Universem  improved  its  project   management       Universem is a company based in Belgium that works in digital marketing consultancy. Partners & Operation Director of Universem, Sébastien Franç ois, told us about their implementation.

2. Tell us about the company and its business Universem is a consultancy company that has strong growth. There are now 16 people in the team and we provide 3 kinds of service. The first one is SEO - search engine optimizations. The second one is everything related to digital advertising and, among tha t, search engine advertising. The third service is everything related to web analytics. We've been using Odoo since the very beginning of the company to centralize all the information. What challenges did the company face before they implemented Odoo, and what were the specific needs addressed by the solution? We had 2 big issues. The first one was related to the prospects. We had more and more prospects coming in and we had to know exactly the status of each of them. The second one is the fact we are no w 16 in the company and with the growth of the company, we had, more and more, the need to better communicate. We used this tool to shape the growth of Universem. Sébastien François Partners & Operation Director What solution was delivered? We use Odoo for a lot of aspects actually. We use now Odoo CRM/Sales, Odoo Marketing, Odoo Billing & Accounting, Odoo HR, Odoo Project and Odoo BI. First, of course, we have prospects coming in so we put the data into the system, into the CRM. We do offers for those prospects and when the offer is accepted, it becomes a sale order and it creates a project automatically. People in the company working on the project and we do invoicing relative to the work which is done. Odoo certainly helped us to improve the way we work and organize the company. It helped us to multiply our revenue by 4 in 4 years. It also helped to better organize the way we work by cutting the administrative costs by at least 30%.  


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