Información Odoo / Experiencias The e-commerce of Provencial products

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4. How would you describe what the company value most about Odoo ? The biggest value of Odoo is obviously the integration of all data in one database. The producers, the purchase of products, the product pages on the website, the orders, the clients, the newsletters, the events, etc. Everything is managed from the same software interface and no other extra software with implementation and development is required. It's the best to start quickly! You can visit the result on  

1.  The  e -­‐ commerce  of   Provencial  products         We met Jean - Marc Dupont, responsible of 6 IT , a web agency base d in Avignon (France) and partner of Odoo since 2014. Jean - Marc and his colleagues created the website dedicated to products coming from the region of Provence in the south of France. He explains us how they started a new business with the help of Odoo apps.

2. Tell us about you, and its business Firstly, 6 IT is a web, e - commerce and Enterprise Systems agency. We decided to capitalize on our ex pertise in these areas and in logistics to launch an e - commerce platform, allowing to promote products and producers of Provence, through the brand and website. We conduct this project all together with the producers, web designers, logisticians , photographers and writers. Our goal is to fairly distribute the result of the work of producers and offer the best of Provence. Each producer is clearly identified throughout the site and has its own page presenting its activity and products. The organic label producers and products will also be clearly identified. Our ambition is to develop the activity of Provencal producers nationally and internationally. The main idea is to help the producers to do their job and in the same time give them the tools pr omote their products and easily sell it. On a business side, this project is also a great showcase of the know - how of our agency 6 IT. What challenges did the company face before they implemented Odoo, and what were the specific needs addressed by the solution? As web and e - commerce professionals, passionate by our region Provence and Provencal products, it seemed natural to cross the step and launch the site and brand For, we needed to provided logistics and orders shipping features, therefore the integration of different modules provided by Odoo was the easiest solution to implement. It allows us to simplify the architecture: a single program, a single database!

3. What solution was delivered? Obviously we use the CMS & e - commerce modules (Website, Blog, E - commerce and Even ts). For the back - end management we use the Sales, Purchasing and Warehouse modules. Regarding the CMS & e - commerce modules we have added different features: • The "producer" page behaves like a website page (possibility to edit the page "inline", but in ad dition it displays the producer's list of products). There are thus several entry points on the site: by category and by manufacturer. We also write a lot of articles, under the Blog module, to improve SEO. With the Event module we publish local events con cerning producers (guided tours, open doors, ...), all with links to producers and product pages. • We adapted the order checkout Workflow. We modified the workflow to facilitate the conversion of customers: first stage with input of a single email address f or new users, coupled with a simple login screen for users already registered on the site. The rest of the customer's information is requested later in the workflow. We also added a "client existence check" in order to avoid duplication in the CRM. • For the CMS, we acquired the theme "Kingfisher" , provided by Biztech partner, which we graphically adapted. • We optimized the images and links to products in order to improve the SEO. Jean -­‐ M a rc   Dupont   Director  of  6IT     As Odoo partner, we wanted to validate its use as an e - commerce platform "in real life" and push the solution to its limits, in order to demonstrate its relevance to our customers.


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