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How Progenda saved time and gained new clients

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4. How would you describe what your company value s most about Odoo? Undoubtedly, customers invoice management is the main element that allowed us to cut down on time wasted. We have progressively used other Odoo features too. For example, Odoo Accounting allows us to better communicate with our accou ntant, we use the advanced functions of lead management and the CRM. In fact, we continue to discover that there are more Odoo can do for us. Odoo's flexibility is a major factor in Progenda's growing business.

1.       How Progenda saved time and gained new clients     Making an appointment with a doctor can sometimes be a pain. Not all doctors have a secretary and most of the time they're busy with patients, forcing you to leave a message and wait for them to get back to you with confirmation of a time and date. CEO of Progenda and Odoo user Quentin Roquet has created a great app to help medical professionals in the medical industry. He tells us about his experience with Odoo.

3. What solution was delivered? Odoo helps us to manage the i ncoming calls and outgoing calls. We have set up a reminder system that helps us with prospecting for new clients. Our services are based on monthly or yearly subscriptions, so we have set up an automatic invoicing process via contracts management in Odoo. How has this impacted your business? • We have new clients thanks to the better handling of the prospects. • We reorganized the Sales team thanks to Odoo CRM. • We reduced the costs buying cutting down what we spend on administration tasks. Now we can solely focus on sales. • Invoices are automated. “ Having a flexible and customizable solution has been a major asse t in our contracts management. Despite our increasing activity, our administration costs remain low. Insuring customer follow - ups was the first c hallenge met thanks to Odoo. “ Paul Jaffre, Progenda salesman

2. Tell us about Progenda and its business Progenda provides an online solution for the medical sector to help patients to make their appointments online. This service also includes au tomatic reminders sent to the patients by email or text message (SMS). Based in Brussels, Belgium, since 2014, we recorded more than 7,000 appointments made over the internet within a few months. Very quickly, Progenda was using Odoo business solutions to manage our growing activity. Odoo turned out to be the most suitable and most robust solution. What challenges did your company face before you implemented Odoo and what specific needs were addressed by the solution? When the company was created, prospecting for clients was mainly done via phone calls. But health professionals are very busy and it was hard to reach them efficiently in this way. We often needed to call them back at very specific times. It became very hard to manage all these appointments and keep track of everything. That's why we started using Odoo. We also had more and more cu stomers meetings, we had to adapt our internal organization, manage our time and automate the invoicing process. “ Reduce our administration costs, automation of the administration of paperwork, improvement of our conversion rate through an efficient prospec t management... These were the key elements in the cost and capital requirements. It helped us to present interesting financial pe rspectives for our investors. “ Quentin Roquet, CEO of Progenda


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