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3. Catherine Bodson and Pipaillon - welcome to the Odoo family. We're here to help you grow your business. Watch the short video below to hear from Catherine what she likes about Odoo...

2. On top of all that, you don't specifically need any expensive equipment to use with our Point of Sale app - it'll work with any kind of touch - enabled device. Any scanners or printers are supported out of the box with no setup required. Let's get back to Catherine. She owns and runs Pipaillon - La Conserverie. It's a business dedicated to bringing canned organic food to the masses. I should say canned, organic, delicious food (because I'm thorough with my 'research' I just had to taste a l ot of her yummy products and ended up buying a few...). Catherine opened this pretty shop in May and she needed something that would allow her to quickly and easily start selling to customers and keeping track of her stock. Catherine is so happy with Odoo, that since she started with us in May, she now uses Odoo CRM & Sales and Billing & Accounting. In fact, she's in the process of adding Warehouse and Manufacturing!

1. How Pipaillon boosted its business with Odoo When a lovely lady by the name of Catherine Bodson visited our Brussels office, it presented me with a gr eat opportunity to meet someone who epitomizes the type of business people our apps are made for. Catherine proudly told me that she doesn't own a smartphone and she's "not at all computer - minded". Bingo! Just the lady I need to speak to about her expe rience using our Point of Sale app. Catherine is the perfect example of how you can be up and running quickly and easily with Odoo. First a quick rundown of the benefits of of an electronic point of sale system. 1. Financial Accuracy - it's easier for a hu man being to overcharge or undercharge 2. Accountability - whether it's super sales or a mistake, you'll have records so you know who to congratulate and who to tell off. 3. Speed and Efficiency - the quicker the payment process, the more time you can spe nd on chasing sales. 4. Stock management - avoid having too much or running out.


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