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1. Translation Services Made Easier with Odoo JL Assistance had successfully built its business with a small office and outsourcing the services. The company didn't have an integrated database but with a growing company managing a myriad of subcontractors it became clear that it was essential to update their business process.

2. Integration for a Small Business JL Assistance has been present in the translation industry since 2011. The impressive company consists of a core of two people; the CEO and 1 employee, working with a number of subcontractors and freelancers. The company experienced positive growth over the years, and for the two employees to keep track of sales orders as well as their subcontractors was becoming increasing ly challenging. JL Assistance came to realize they were not adequately equipped to continue their growth without revising their business process. The agency was experiencing inefficiency due to time consuming administrative tasks. With the CEO handling all documents and using excel and emails as their main database, it did not feel like the modern company it was. There was no integration and all quotations were handled by email increasing the probability of quotes and requests being overlooked or getting lo st in the system.

4. Growing Without Limitations Implementing Odoo has drastically improved the business process at JL Assistance. The need for an email - based system has been replaced by Odoo CRM and Odoo Sales. All information is centralized and it’s quick and simple to access all contracts, order requests and communication with customers. For a small company of two people it’s essential to try to keep things as simple as possible The business flow has been improved and simplified with Odoo Sales with a small customization to adapt the system to specifically cater to JL Assistance’s needs. With the Odoo solution the company is now free to continue its growth without limitations. About JL Assistance JL Assistance is a translation agency located in the center of Brussels. Since 2011 the agency has been offering extensive translation services with over 150 combinations of languages available. The founder and CEO of the company runs the business with only one employee, and they outsource their services using subcontractors and freelancers. Whether it’s for corporations or individuals, JL Assistance offers high quality certified translations for practically all topics including; legal, technical, medical, business, etc. More info on

3. A Simple Effective Solution As of 2015, JL Assistance has been working with Odoo CRM, Sales and Invoicing. • With the Odoo CRM system keeping track of all subcontractors and their projects became much easier to organize, as well as their customer base. • Now all sales orders are entered directly into Odoo Sales and all updates, discussions and information are consolidated in one system, allowing easy access as well as follow - up with Odoo Invoicing . • With a small customization Odoo Sales was adapted directly to JL Assistance’s needs. When a new opportunity arises, the adapted business flow now triggers a quotation request to the subcontractor first. Then when the quotation is validated, another one is sent to the customer, allowing t he company to deal with both parties without hassle.


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