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The Australian products supplier Elton Group is ready to grow with Odoo

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1. The Australian products supplier Elton Group is ready to grow with Odoo Elton Group is a supplier for Interior Architectural products. Located in Melbourne (Australia) their business started over 70 years ago! They select their products by under a main criteria: environmentally sustainability. Products should have been made under the best ecological practice sourcing and manufacturing methods. For example: wood is a renewable resource and Elton Group considers that its their responsibility to ensure protection and wise usage of the forests to be available for the next generations.

2. The Challenges • Elton Group was running the Bus iness with basic accounting software, single - user. Excel spreadsheets (with it’s inherent problems) to fill the gaps, and hand written official documents like delivery dockets. Elton Group wanted to replace these different independent systems with one inte grated package which provided a solid platform for future expansion. • For tighter control, both from a workflow and financial perspective, there were several areas of the business that had to be integrated. • The company has a complex method of keeping stock in different units of measure, which always led to compromises in the past resulting in potentially poor stock management. • There's a real need to be able to communicate with our customers better, like sending emails when stock was delivered etc, and this was not possible in our old software. • With the prospect of needing to at least doubling our existing admin staff to keep the current solution, we knew we had to make a move.

4. Elton Group Success Story Having a solution like Odoo in their everyday processes brought in big changes for us. • Odoo has given us a 360 degree view of our business from the beginning of the sale right through to deli very and follow up. • Our CRM is now fully integrated with our customer quotations and our sales teams have access to full customer history enabling better service. • With Odoo, and some custom work from WillowIT, we are now able to handle our complex stocki ng units from purchasing through to delivery and stock taking. • Management is happy because they now get up to date sales analysis data available from anywhere they have access to a web browser. • Odoo, with the help of WillowIT, is now giving us the infor mation and control we need to grow the business with comparatively smaller overheads and greater confidence. • Odoo forced us to give our Company a better structure, defining processes that will help Elton Group to keep up with the growth of the business.

3. The Solutions After some Business Analysis, WillowIT advised Elton Group to use specific modules of Odoo: CRM, Stock & Warehouse, Sales, Purchasing, Finances. Also, WillowIT added some custom modules. • Sales – to handle CRM through to quotations and sales. • Purchasing – to handle our purchasing requirements. • Warehouse & stock – to manage stock levels, receipts and deliveries. • Finances • Odoo had some key features like: open source, well supported, cloud based, truly integrated across all major sections of our business, including CMS and eCommerce , and the abili ty to be extended which we know we would have to do to meet some of our unique product handling requirements • Our workflows from stock re - ordering through receipts and deliveries are now completely handled by the system, and we have used the standard featu res of Odoo to help streamline other sales and admin areas also.


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