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How Cytosurge, a Nanotechnology Company, uses Odoo Inventory & MRP

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3. What solution was delivered? Since we started almost entirely from scratch as far as our ERP is concerned, we used the opportunity to integrate as much as possible into Odoo. We are now managing almost all our business processes completely in Odoo, all integrated into one system. This includes CRM, Sales, Purchasing, HR, MRP and Project Management. We also run our Website and eCommerce with Odoo. The only thing we are still doing externally is payroll, as Odoo does not support the Swiss payroll in standard. Also, we hope to integrate more tightly with Office 365 from Microsoft, as this is the email and Document Management solution we currently have implemented alongside with Odoo.

4. How has this impacted the business? The modernization of our website tripled our visitors. We also increased our overall customer satisfaction thanks to complete traceability and documentation of our production process. Customers now have access to all their documents in a single account, directly on our website; it's very much appreciated. The impact on revenue is not yet measurable as we are still in the phase of final development of our next product generation. We do get a lot of envious customers/suppliers. They all fall in love with our ERP as they see it in action Watch the presentation and Odoo demo of the Cytosurge Business Case. This talk is given by Laura Piraux, the Odoo Business Consultant who worked on the project. Slides of the presentation are also available here .

1. How Cytosurge, a Nanotechnology Company, uses Odoo Inventory & MRP Aberdeen Broadcast Services was founded in 2001 by 3 siblings: Matthew, We are proud to share with you another great customer review! This case is the perfect example to show how flexible & powerful Odoo is. The Odoo business solution fits any industry with the ability to make adjustments and tweak your processes within just a few hours. Pascal Behr, CEO and co - founder of Cytosurge AG, explains to us how the solution was implemen ted in his company.

2. Tell us about the company and its business Cytosurge is an ETH Zurich spin - off company. The startup develops and distributes a nanotechnology instrumentation solution based on its patented force controlled nano - pipette technology. The company’s products are used for research, nano manufacturing, and quality control applications in fields such as life sciences, semiconductors, and many other mechanical applications that seek to benefit from nanotechnology. The company pro vides complete system solutions ranging from entry level products to high - end precision instruments and implements a sustainable, consumable - based business model. What challenges did the company face before they implemented Odoo, and what specific need s were addressed by the solution ? We only used a simple ERP software which covered mainly accounting, invoicing, and some basic warehouse management. When we started to ramp up our production and recruited more employees we quickly noticed that we needed to track many things from products to quality to customers and beyond. We first did this in Excel and some dedicated web apps without any real integration. We also had a very basic website and wanted to launch a modern web presence with the possibi lity to include an eCommerce system. The solution we had in place was very pragmatic and worked fine for us when we founded our company. However, as we grew and had to start producing our complex products, we quickly realized that the current way of workin g would not scale and instead would become more and more complex to maintain. This is when we started looking for another solution.


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