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Ceka Belgium's Digital Transformation with Odoo Gold Partner Idealis Consulting

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1. Ceka Belgium's Digital Transformation with Odoo Gold Partner Idealis Consulting CEKA Belgium has been active in the workspace design and ergonomics consulting business for over 20 years. The co mpany consists of a group of professionals who are committed to proposing solutions for companies in order to adapt workspaces and office furniture to the specific needs of each company. CEKA Belgium represents factories producing intelligent and certified office solutions. The products and services are aimed at managers who want to do right by their employees by caring about their well - being and making sure that they have the best possible working environment. Their main historical partner is the German co mpany CEKA, a company that has been producing office furniture for over 115 years. CEKA is a family company with high standards and great respect for the environment.

2. Why did you choose Odoo? Before implementing Odoo 's digital solution, we had to encode the information several times in order to have a clear view of our stock. We had to encode data for accounting, invoicing, and quotations, which caused many errors as well as loss of productivity. Since our digitalizat ion, everything is centralized with Odoo, which allows us to spend more time on our own development and on our clients. What is your experience with Odoo? For this project of digital transformation, Idealis Consulting implemented a digital platform for us with Odoo. Within Odoo, we can directly import our products to the system. From this interface, we have direct access to the quotation and within the quot ation, we can select several options related to the product. We can validate the vendor, and we can view the stock levels to see if the product is actually in stock or not. Then when the quotation is ready, we have the choice to send it by email as an atta chment, or to print it, or if the client already agrees with the offer, we can immediately validate it. This will trigger a sales order that will be sent to the client, as well as a purchase order that can be found in the Purchase module. When we want to publish a product on the Odoo eCommerce platform, all we need to do is search for the product in our database, add a picture, modify it, and select a category in which the product will appear. Once it's saved, the product will appear directly in the online store. Are you satisfied with your partnership with Idealis Consulting? The collaboration with Idealis has been very serious, with professionals who could quickly understand the problems we had in the past, and who were able to successfully implement the digitalization process with great understanding of our business. Today, the Odoo platform allows us to perform better and to seek out new collaborators.


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