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3. Coding and programming the new and customised add-ons for Belsonno was fun. Odoo’s new software provides a great space for creating cool things. It is growing enormously day by day. - Robert Rübner , Senior Developer in Bloopark ” How has this impacted Belsonno's business? The shop has been running for a few months now and it's growing day by day as it has a unique product to sell. Revenue is also growing and customers are happy and enjoying their purchases. That is after all the main goal - happy customers stay customers. People find it very useful to have the option of defining their own individual bedding.

4. After a few months of running an online store with Odoo, we can see the benefit of having the shop and ERP system all integrated, even though it is still not perfect. There are still some security issues that need a work around when it comes to having everything reachable through one system. - Jochen Cuntz , CEO and Founder of Belsonno ” How would you describe what you value most about Odoo? As stated above, easy management, and having an integrated shop all under one roof was very important. What Belsonno values the most is how practical it is to manage the entire online store. On one hand, the shop itself can be edited and improved. New pages can be added, old pages can be edited. With Odoo's Website Builder and the Belsonno theme already created, it couldn’t get any simpler. On the other hand, the connection of the shop to the backend saves a lot of time in sales processes: invoicing, shipping, accounting, stock management, etc.

2. What challenges did the company face before you implemented Odoo and what were the specific needs addressed by the solution? Before starting with Odoo, we were using Spree commerce which is software based on rails and very user-friendly for developers. Then Odoo came out as the latest version of Openerp. The new Odoo meets the backend and frontend all in one platform, with out of this world features. Having all aspects automatized in one platform is always better than having CMS on one side and other processes on another. Since we have been working with Openerp/Odoo for 7 years, and keeping in mind all customisation Belsonno needed, Odoo was definitely the right choice. What solution was delivered? We created a new theme based on Belsonno’s corporate image. As an online shop, the most important apps are Sales, E-commerce, Website Builder, Warehouse; and then the necessary ones like Accounting, Human Resources, etc. On the other hand, we created our own apps specifically for this project. We created a product configurator where the customer can create their personalized sheets, a big multi-image gallery for the product details page, a three level navigation, a one-step checkout and a product filter. We also made some improvements to the coupon, product variants and different payment possibilities.

5. Create a free website ( with Odoo ( Copyright © Odoo S.A. Twittear Twittear 0 0 How cmotion creates mechatronic equipment for the film industry Odoo Customer Review Miroslava Ganzarcikova (mig) Read Next "

1. Twittear Twittear 0 0 How Belsonno created the first shop for high quality individual bedding Odoo Customer Review Stéphanie van de Werve febrero 26, 2015 ∠ Odoo ready partner Bloopark ( implemented Odoo for customised bedding company Belsonno ( . We talked to Mercedes Scenna from Bloopark about this project. ( ( Tell us about Belsonno and its business Belsonno is a startup from Berlin founded by Jochen Cuntz, Gerrit Hunsdick and Jana Seibt. The core goal of the Belsonno project was creating and developing the first shop for high quality individual bedding, which included a product configurator and all that came with it. They wanted to build a shop system that could integrate a configurator. "As procurement happens differently along the suppliers and with our concept's B2B component, it was important to have a well functioning ERP system", said Jochen. So the premise was an easy to manage fully- automatised shop.


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