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Ascot Sudan’s Improves Daily Operations with Odoo

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4. What was the impact of implementing Odoo? Overall, Ascot Sudan had a great experience with both Odoo and Appness Technology, and once the project was completed, the company felt it had been a very successful collaboration. With the implementation of Odoo, Ascot Sudan’s day - to - day operations became much more organized in every aspect. Now working with Odoo on a daily basis, in a more formally established business environment, they are able to confidently grow their business and focus on opening up new branches in new markets.

2. Why did Ascot Sudan choose Odoo? Ascot Sudan’s business has seen continuous growth, and it started to become very challenging to manage their operations without a proper ERP system. Additionally, another difficulty they faced, was that the busy nature of their business made it very diffic ult to work on a complicated system, as it was too time - consuming and was causing inefficiency. As they are responsible for the Middle East and Africa, they needed a simple solution that could allow them to manage multiple entities, as well as different cu rrencies. When they were introduced to Odoo, the company realized that with the Odoo solution they could fulfill all their requirements from an ERP down to the last detail. Odoo presented them with a simple and easy to use platform, that at the same time w as powerful and capable of meeting all their needs.

1. Ascot Sudan’s Improves Daily Operations with Odoo Ascot Sudan provides the sales, implementation, training, and after sales support for Ascot International in the Middle East and Africa. They provide services for the entire range of Ascot power units, from Diesel Generators to Hybrid Power units and Power plants. They are the supplier of spare parts for multiple brands powering Ascot generators. The branch in Khartoum has seen rapid growth recently and has managed to establish a strong pre sence, especially in the telecoms market, and further promote energy saving solutions.

3. Which needs were addressed with Odoo? Ascot Sudan was looking for a simple, all - in - one, integrated solution to ease the daily running of their business. With Odoo th ey found that they no longer needed anything else, one solution could manage all their needs. • Odoo multi - company took care of their need to effectively manage their customers and business deals in their different locations. • With the support of Odoo multi - c urrency , there were now several benefits that made Ascot Sudan’s life easier. • Odoo allows you to create multi - currency journals , create invoices in different currencies, and manually set and adjust the exchange rates. • The Odoo solutions implemented were ma inly ‘out - of - the - box’, although Appness Technology helped them with customization on the Odoo Repair module. Ascot Sudan's Website Made By Apness Technology & Odoo


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