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A modern solution for modern broadcasting technology services

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2. Aberdeen Broadcast Services chose Odoo to modernize its interna l system. In this case, Odoo acts like the base platform to support all kinds of customization and other software specialized in the broadcasting industry. We've met Matt Cook, President of Aberdeen, who has explained us their need for a trustworthy and m odern solution to run their business for the next 10 years.

1. A modern solution for modern broadcasting technology services Aberdeen Broadcast Services was founded in 2001 by 3 siblings: Matthew, Amy and Becky Cook. Each one of them brought their experience to the broadcast industry and entrepreneurship. They are the proud owners of a 50 - employee company providing services th rough their 3 core departments: digital file delivery services (AberFast), closed captioning services (AberCap) and language services like translation, subtitling and voice over (Aberlingo).


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